Fiat 5-Cylinder 2.0 20v N/A Race Engine

Custom race spec build of a naturally aspirated 2.0 litre, 20v, 5-cylinder Fiat engine. Huge thanks to Paul of Exon Race Engines for the help, advice and workshop facilities and further huge thanks to Dennis of OD Engineering for letting me use his CNC machines, teaching me how to use them and machining the stuff I couldn't!

Project Status:
  • Ongoing

Exhaust Manifold

Now this is a complicated area. Generally speaking, exhaust manifolds need to be matched to the camshaft profile. Primary pipe bore and length are both very important. Get it wrong and you loose power all over the place.

Steel Billet Camshafts

The only people who seem to have camshafts off-the-shelf for the Fiat 5-cylinder engine are Italian firm, Colombo & Bariani. Unfortunately, nothing they had was anywhere near as aggressive as I wanted and their prices were quite high so I sent the camshafts from the 2.4 head to UK based Kent Cams.

Throttle Bodies

A key method of extracting power from a naturally aspirated engine is the use of multiple throttle butterflies. In the old days, this meant carburetors but generally speaking, they are inefficient, thirsty and require maintenance. Throttle bodies, on the other hand, do not suffer these issues.