An Unfinished Project

The original plan with the Bravo engine was for a light re-build with some re-profiled cams, head work, maybe throttle bodies and a re-map to the standard ECU. It would then go back into the Bravo to be my nippy daily driver. This soon spiraled into a full-on race build, with the plan changing to turn the Bravo into a hillclimb car for the production modified class. To get around the limitations of front wheel drive, I planned to use the Couple turbo 5-speed gearbox with "visco diff". Then this came along...

I'd seen the work on this project before and was quite impressed by it. Imagine my surprise when it came up for sale! I'd always liked the Coupe but as I already had a front wheel drive car for the engine, I saw no point in getting one. This Coupe, however, was an entirely different prospect. Not only rear wheel drive but mid-engine to boot! To say I bit the guy's hand off is an understatement. I hired a transporter and was down there the following weekend. It's not something that has been done before so the chance to acquire it was not one I could pass up, especially as it was in the right state: a rolling shell, a blank canvas, ready to take my engine!

As with most unfinished projects, it's already had a lot of time and money spent on it - time and money I don't have to spend! The bulk of the conversion from front the mid-engine layout has been completed. It basically just needs plumbing, wiring, drivetrain, interior, front suspension, fuel tank and a few other bits here and there. The reality is, there's still a lot of work to do and more money to spend but when it's finished, it will be unique. Doubly so when paired with the Bravo engine.