The Plan

A need was identified for an off-the-grid power source that was quiet (for the majority of the time), inexpensive and low-ish maintanence.

I bounced a few ideas around but in the end, decided the best course of action would be to take a pair of high amperage 12v leisure batteries, re-purpose an exisitng 240v petrol generator, use that to run a 12v automotive alternator to rapidly charge the batteries and attach it all to a pure sine wave 12v to 240v inverter.

This setup would allow sensitive electronics and inductive motors to operate correctly, 24/7, with only a few hours of noise from the petrol engine per day to keep the batteries topped up.

The biggest issue is acquiring a good quality pure sine wave inverter with enough capactiy to power what is required (without blowing up), for the right price. I've purcahsed a dead 2000w inverter and am currently in the process of getting it repaired. It should end up costly roughly a 3rd of the price of a used, working unit and about an 8th of the price of a new one!